Dean L.G., G.L. Vale, K.N. Laland, E. Flynn and R.L. Kendal (2014) Human cumulative culture: a comparative perspective. Biological Reviews, 89 (2) 284-301 [pdf]

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Dean L.G. (2013) How We Do It: The Evolution and Future of Human Reproduction. Book review in Folia Primatologica Link to journal (paywall)

Dean L.G., R.L. Kendal, S.J. Schapiro, B. Thierry and K.N. Laland (2012) Identification of the Social and Cognitive Capabilities Underlying Human Cumulative Culture. Science, 335 (6072) 1114- 1118 [pdf]

For a great description of the project, see Ed Yong’s blogpost.

Laland K.N., L.G. Dean, W.J.E. Hoppitt, L.E. Rendell and M.M. Webster (2012) Social Learning: Strategies, mechanisms and models, In: Handbook of Comparative Cognition, eds. T.R. Zentall and E. Wasserman, Oxford: Oxford University Press

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Dean L.G. (2011) A Comparative Investigation of the Cognitive and Social Factors Underlying a Capacity for Cumulative Culture. University of St. Andrews

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Dean L., (2008) Greener British Future. Paper published as part of ippr ‘Britain’s Got Brains’ competition Link to website (free)

Kendal R.L., L. Dean, K.N. Laland (2007) Objectivism should not be a casualty of innovation’s operationalization. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 30 (4): 413-414


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